More About Therapy Fund Art

Therapy Fund Art was established in 2020 after Emily Jessen was advised by her therapist that she needed to take up a cathartic activity to process some of the emotions she was experiencing during that time. She wanted to burn something, so she picked up wood burning tools and some wooden blanks. She decided that painting wooden blanks would be a good alternative when burning wasn't an option. It turned out to be very therapeutic and healing.
After painting a few blanks she decided she wanted to see what it would be like to turn her creations into wearable art. After sharing her pieces on instagram and facebook with friends, interest grew and she started selling out of earrings almost immediately. She has expanded her collections to stones, pearls, chain, wire wrapping, leather, polymer clay, and more.
Emily enjoys spending her days with her family and dog Bella. Aside from Therapy Fund Art, Emily also enjoys creating music under the name of Aphrodites Garden on Bandlab. She also hosts a podcast, Recovered Treasure with Emily Jessen, which can be found on Spotify, Anchor and Google Podcast. She also enjoys coaching through her business Empowered Intuition which helps people recovering from domestic violence and codependency change patterns of behaviors and break cycles. She also enjoys making comics, digital art, writing, sculpting, wall art, and water color. She still hand paints and makes jewelry in her spare time, allowing herself to escape with each jewelry piece she creates at her rolltop desk in her home in Oregon. 
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