AI Headaches & Solutions

AI Headaches & Solutions

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More awesome images that were created with the use of Dall-E and content with the assistance of CHAT-GPT.


AI Entrepreneur 

Another week of experimenting with AI and being an entrepreneur, and another week of feeling absolutely blown away by what is even out there.

Do you know AI totally meal planned for me last week? Yeah. I didn't use my brain for it AT ALL. Well maybe a little, but the bulk of the work I left up to AI. You can. Literally just ask chat gpt to come up with a meal plan for you for 7 days and a shopping list too! Mind blown.
Generating images is not always easy. For this article, I had to spend a lot of time with my friend DALL-E, who despite claiming it's innocence, I'm pretty sure it has a preference it isn't willing to give up. 👀

An image of a conversation with Chat GPT4A conversation with Chat gpt

Despite the frustration that can come with working with these platforms and tools I find what they have to offer extraordinary. At one time so many of the things that felt unimaginable or totally insurmountable, they are right at our fingertips. I wrote this from my phone laying in bed with Coco! 

Cause for Concern

Despite my excitement, I must say another important conclusion I have come to which is that more women must be in AI. More women and people of color. On average, the typical developer of AI is approximately 44 years old, white and male. I dunno about you, but I think this could possibly be impacting the above image generations. I have big feelings and more to share on this topic but at the moment I leave this here as a call to action for more women and POC to get to using AI and start impacting the way it's being developed, the future really depends on it.

But here's where the magic of AI comes into play. These innovative tools have revolutionized the way I approach my business, offering me the much-needed leverage to balance these two demanding roles effectively.
Just a few things to consider:
1. AI-Powered CRM Tool: Salesforce Einstein
   - Why: Salesforce Einstein integrates AI into the Salesforce CRM platform. It offers predictive analytics, automated data entry, personalized customer engagement, and insights into sales trends.
2. AI-Driven Project Management Assistant: Trello with Butler
   - Why: Trello, a popular project management tool, enhanced with its AI bot, Butler. Butler automates common tasks, sets due dates, and manages workflows, thereby streamlining project management processes.
3. AI Financial Advisor and Analysis Tool: QuickBooks Online with AI Features
   - Why: QuickBooks Online offers AI-driven features for financial management. It provides automated bookkeeping, cash flow predictions, receipt capture and categorization, and insightful financial reports.
4. AI Content Creation and SEO Tool: SEMRush Writing Assistant
   - Why: SEMRush Writing Assistant is excellent for SEO-focused content creation. It provides real-time SEO recommendations, checks for plagiarism, ensures the readability of content, and suggests improvements based on best SEO practices.
5. AI Inventory Management System: Zoho Inventory with AI features
   - Why: Zoho Inventory incorporates AI to enhance inventory management. It offers demand forecasting, automated reordering, barcode scanning, and real-time tracking of shipments, which significantly improves inventory efficiency.
Each of these tools stands out in its field for incorporating AI in a way that enhances user experience and efficiency. They are great starting points for businesses looking to integrate AI into different aspects of their operations.
While I test a lot of integrations, my favorite to use is Shopify native apps. 

AI: The Bridge Between Motherhood and Entrepreneurial Success


Do you know how long it would have taken me to create the image above? I just could not. I know the usd of AI is definitely raising many questions. I as an artist don't believe any of my work is unique enough to not be replicated. I don't think any art is. Do I think work should be plagiarized outright? No. I don't believe that either. But one thing I do know, is it has significantly reduced the time I spend creating content and has significantly impacted my quality. I hold AI for entreprenuers sticks around, it's changing my life.

The journey of combining motherhood with entrepreneurship is an ongoing learning experience. It's about finding joy in the little moments, celebrating the small victories, and continually adapting and growing. AI tools have been instrumental in this journey, helping me to streamline tasks, enhance productivity, and ensure that I don't miss out on those irreplaceable family moments. They empower me to be present as a mother and efficient as a business owner, proving that with the right tools and mindset, you can indeed have the best of both worlds.
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