Where Does All The Time Go?

Where Does All The Time Go?



This image was provided by my assistant Chip GPT🏄‍♂️🤖 (my personalized Chat GPT assistant)

Written by Emily R.G. Jessen

Every now and then I feel it all slip
like a smooth landslide into oblivion.
A sinking feeling,
like I'm stuck in quicksand,
watching the tide roll out,
feeling the world tremble as it rolls back in.
I wonder if everyone else is feeling the same,
then I sink back into my intuition,
"ah yes," I whisper in my heart,
"they're feeling it, and some got a head start."
There are days, nights, weeks and even years,
I look back and go "Do I even have memories here?"
flipping through the rolodex in my head,
I ask "how does none of this make any sense?"
I smooth out the wrinkles,
in my strawberry and daisy covered smock,
Shrug my shoulders and take my peach tea on a walk,
Its days like this where I wonder if I'll ever know,
Where oh, Where Does All The Time Go?

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