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Therapy Fund Art, founded and spearheaded by the visionary Emily Jessen, is not just a platform for artistic expression but a powerful vehicle for positive change. With a mission deeply rooted in the belief that art can heal and empower, Emily has curated an extraordinary space where creativity knows no bounds.

Every purchase from Therapy Fund Art is a direct contribution to this profound cause. It's not merely acquiring artwork; it's investing in the betterment of individuals and the community. Each stroke on the canvas, each piece of art, represents a step towards reclaiming spirits and passions, while simultaneously supporting the journey to financial independence for talented artists.

Emily Jessen's dedication to blending art, coaching, and community is nothing short of inspiring. Her commitment to nurturing creative souls and providing them with a platform to thrive is evident in every aspect of Therapy Fund Art. With your purchase, you become part of this transformative movement, empowering artists to paint brighter futures and reclaim their inner strengths. Join us in making a difference, one brushstroke at a time, with Therapy Fund Art and Emily Jessen.



Semi•ARTISAN Jewelry, founded by Emily Jessen, is more than a boutique jewelry line; it's a lifeline for domestic violence survivors, offering a blueprint for healing and financial independence through creativity. Emily, a survivor herself, transformed her therapeutic art into a movement, empowering others with her story of resilience.

Each piece of Semi•ARTISAN Jewelry, inspired by the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty, is meticulously handcrafted, embodying strength and survival. The brand's mission extends beyond adornment, focusing on education and empowerment. Through workshops and mentorship, Emily equips survivors with entrepreneurial skills, emphasizing the power of storytelling in connecting with audiences.

Semi•ARTISAN Jewelry stands as a testament to what survivors can achieve, demonstrating how creativity can lead to economic self-sufficiency. Emily's initiatives are deeply intertwined with community engagement, organizing markets and events that provide survivors a platform to showcase their work and forge connections.

The network supporting Semi•ARTISAN Jewelry's mission is robust, involving collaborations with local businesses and therapists to offer comprehensive support for survivors. The impact of Emily's work is profound, with many mentees successfully launching their businesses, turning their art into a vehicle for advocacy and support.

Looking ahead, Semi•ARTISAN Jewelry is poised for growth, with Emily committed to expanding her programs' reach and empowering more survivors. This jewelry line encapsulates a movement toward healing, empowerment, and financial independence, changing lives and offering a new path forward for domestic violence survivors.