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That Extra Life Polymer Earrings

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Some of us are just extra.

You know who you are. You don't just like extra shimmer, glimmer, and shine.. you ARE extra shimmer, glimmer and shine. You bring the party with you where ever you go. With everything being how it is, we need that kind of energy in the world! We see you girl! You are exactly the kind of vibrant spirit these were made with in mind. 

Gold, deep green, fushcia, teal, and silver polymer clays carefully worked together to bring out the best qualities of each color. The backs hold their own with gold, sky blue and fuschia hues popping, finished off with 14kt gold plated findings and handmade chain tassels these beautiful lightweight beauties are ready for you to make them a part of the ensemble that has all eyes on you. 

 Go on girl, it's your year. 


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