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Ostara Amulet

Ostara Amulet

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Introducing "Ostara's Amulet" 🌟, a mesmerizing union of labradorite and fluorite, meticulously encased in a lustrous brass setting that radiates a rich golden yellow hue 🌅, symbolizing the dawning of spring and new beginnings. This exquisite pendant, named after the goddess of spring and dawn 🌸, embodies the essence of rejuvenation and transformation.

Crafted with an artful blend of 85% copper and 15% zinc, Ostara's Amulet not only captivates with its visual splendor but also invites a journey of healing and empowerment 🌈. The brass composition matures gracefully, developing a distinctive patina over time that further enriches its character and story 🕰️.

Labradorite, known as the stone of transformation and intuition, weaves a tapestry of iridescent colors that dance in the light 💫, reminiscent of the northern lights. It is believed to strengthen willpower, stimulate imagination, and calm an overactive mind, providing guidance on the path to self-discovery 🧭.

Fluorite, with its harmonizing energies, acts as a beacon of balance and clarity 🔮. Revered for its ability to absorb negative energies, fluorite enhances concentration, self-confidence, and decision-making, making this pendant not just an accessory but a companion on your journey to inner harmony 🍃.

The handcrafted clasp and findings of Ostara's Amulet ensure that each piece is as unique as its wearer, with meticulous attention to detail that speaks volumes of its artisanal heritage 🛠️. For those who cherish the story behind their adornments, a captivating video showcasing the creation of this piece is available on Instagram 📹, inviting you to witness the magic that goes into forging such a masterpiece.

Ostara's Amulet is more than just jewelry; it is a talisman of healing, balance, and renewal, designed to accompany you on your journey to self-discovery and beyond 🚀. Embrace the essence of spring and dawn with this timeless piece, and let its transformative energies guide you to your true potential 💖.


Our earrings are made from high-quality brass, an alloy consisting of 85% copper and 15% zinc, known for its durability and warm golden hue.Each pair of earrings is accented with carefully selected stones, adding unique character and elegance to the design.Please note the natural materials may vary slightly in color and form, contributing to the uniqueness of each piece.

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Care Instructions

Care Instructions for Brass Earrings:

Your brass earrings are crafted from a blend of 85% copper and 15% zinc, materials that naturally develop a patina over time. To preserve the shine:

- Gently buff with a nail buffer or fine-grain sandpaper.

- Polish with a soft cloth specifically designed for brass.

If you admire the natural aging of brass, allow the tarnish to develop for a vintage look that many find appealing.

Handle with love and store in a dry place.

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