I teach resilience, transformation, and the art of thriving beyond Adversity.

In a world where challenges can seem insurmountable, I offer a beacon of hope and a roadmap to empowerment for those who have felt the sting of domestic violence and the shadows of past traumas. Through personalized coaching sessions, I guide survivors on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and profound growth, turning pain into power and adversity into opportunity.

What can you expect from working with me?

Empowerment: Reclaim your agency and learn to harness your inner strength.

Healing: Find peace and closure from past wounds through creative expression.

Growth: Build a foundation for personal and professional success, rooted in self-love and resilience.

My Number one Goal for every client is to get them into the rhythm of loving themselves and what they are creating. It takes work to unlearn the negativity that has been imparted to so many young artists, work that you don't have to do alone. Let's figure out your goals together, including how we will celebrate your accomplishments!

Learn from someone who has "Traveled That Road."

As a survivor of domestic violence and PTSD, I coach people to have a recovery plan. Don't plan on living with PTSD forever. Make a plan to clear and heal your mind, body and soul. We all deserve to live without feeling like we are constantly just above surviving. My approach is holistic, combining the timeless wisdom of yoga, the transformative power of art therapy, and the actionable strategies of personal development. Each session is tailored to your unique story, designed to unlock your full potential and illuminate your path to a life defined not by past hurts, but by your strength, creativity, and boundless possibilities.

Well don't let me get in the way...

You are about to discover a mere fraction of the unlimited styles of jewelry I create. Each location serviced by semi•ARTISAN jewelry receives a random assortment of love infused jewelry. I really do put my heart and soul into this business and I appreciate all of my wonderful supporters whose hearts are invested in this mission.💕

  • Custom Ordering

    Escape to the breathtaking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest with our handcrafted landscape earrings. Each piece is made to order, capturing the beauty of coasts, forests, valleys, mountains, and deserts.

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    Indulge in the artistry and sophistication of AI-driven creativity. Our blog explores the intersection of AI, art, and business.

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  • Recovery and Art Coaching for Artists

    Discover the power of coaching and unlock your true potential. Let us guide you towards success!

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