the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

Beautiful Wearable Art

Semi•P R E S H

Semi•P R E S H

Everything from simple and dainty to the intricate chunky, when it comes... 

F R U I S H Polymer Clay Jewelry

F R U I S H Polymer Clay Jewelry

Polymer clay designs for the fun, fanciful and the fancy free. For... 

  • Vacay Vibes

    Inspiration for these earrings and similar landscape earrings are drawn from the Pacific Northwest and it's amazing coasts, forests, valleys, mountain and deserts.

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  • Abstract and Beautiful

    Eye popping color combinations that draw the eye to the face that these earrings frame. With a variety of sizes and color variations, these are sure to spark creativity and confidence to you.

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  • Ocean Earrings

    Ocean Ears

    The ocean evokes so many emotions for me. It demands respect, but doesn't beg for it. It is so vast we do not know all that lurks at its depths. Could be treasures, lost cities, ancient secrets and ruins. Could be the largest creatures this world has ever known. It is so beautiful, violent and so mysterious. Hence my fascination with water.

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