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Therapy Fund Art

Coaching Session with Emily Jessen | SPONSOR a survivor

Coaching Session with Emily Jessen | SPONSOR a survivor

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Join us in a heartwarming initiative that not only touches lives but also brings a touch of artisanal beauty to your world. At Therapy Fund Art LLC, we're inviting you to become a beacon of hope for survivors through our unique sponsorship program. Here's your opportunity to support those on their journey to empowerment while receiving something beautiful in return.

Empower Through Sponsorship: By sponsoring a survivor, you're providing them with invaluable access to art coaching and advocacy support sessions, empowerment coaching, and a supportive community. Your contribution plays a pivotal role in their healing journey, offering them the tools and support needed to rebuild and thrive.

Artisanal Gratitude: As a token of our appreciation, sponsors will receive custom, handcrafted jewelry from Semi•ARTISAN Jewelry. Each piece is a surprise, crafted with care and intention, reflecting the beauty of transformation and resilience. The value of the jewelry you receive will be approximately equivalent to your sponsorship, making this a circle of giving and receiving.

A Surprise with Every Piece: The jewelry you'll receive is not just an accessory; it's a symbol of the change you're helping to create. Each piece is uniquely designed, ensuring that you have a one-of-a-kind token that carries deep meaning and connection to the cause you support.

Join the Movement: Be part of a compassionate movement that sees art and creativity as powerful allies in the journey of healing. Your sponsorship not only brings light to survivors' lives but also adds a unique, artistic touch to your own.

Support, heal, and adorn – all with a single, powerful gesture. Sponsor a survivor today, and let's create ripples of change together, one life and one beautiful piece of jewelry at a time.


Imagine a life where each day is infused with a sense of purpose, where the shadows of the past no longer dictate your present, and where the future is a canvas awaiting your vibrant strokes. Welcome to a transformative journey with Therapy Fund Art LLC, where we redefine the essence of empowerment and healing through personalized coaching.


For survivors purchasing this program for themselves, I applaud you. You are in a position not all are capable of being in and many never get to. Your ability to financially provide for yourself and your loved ones isn't something all survivors have been able to achieve. 

Unlock Your Potential: You possess an inner strength that's yet to be fully realized. Our coaching isn't just about overcoming obstacles; it's about discovering the immense power that lies within you. Together, we'll embark on a journey to unlock this potential, transforming challenges into stepping stones towards your most empowered self.

Tailored Pathways: Your journey is unique, and so should be your path to healing and growth. Our coaching is tailored to your individual experiences, aspirations, and needs, ensuring that every step taken is aligned with your personal goals. This bespoke approach guarantees a journey that's not only effective but profoundly transformative.

Empowerment Through Creativity: At the heart of our coaching is the belief that creativity is a potent tool for healing and empowerment. Whether you're an artist at heart or someone looking to explore new avenues of expression, we'll integrate creative practices into your healing process, unlocking new dimensions of self-discovery and expression.

A Community of Support: You're not alone on this journey. By choosing Therapy Fund Art LLC, you're joining a compassionate community of survivors and creators, all on their paths to empowerment. This collective journey fosters a sense of belonging and support, amplifying the impact of your personal growth.

Take the First Step: The path to a more fulfilled, empowered, and creative life is just a click away. Begin your transformative journey today and see how far your potential can take you. Your future self will thank you.

Embark on this life-changing journey with us, and together, let's unlock the doors to a future brimming with possibility, creativity, and empowerment.

At the core of this purchase is your uplifting spirit and desire to see the people who help other succeed also succeed themselves. We appreciate your effort to support survivors. 


Our earrings are made from high-quality brass, an alloy consisting of 85% copper and 15% zinc, known for its durability and warm golden hue.Each pair of earrings is accented with carefully selected stones, adding unique character and elegance to the design.Please note the natural materials may vary slightly in color and form, contributing to the uniqueness of each piece.

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Care Instructions

Care Instructions for Brass Earrings:

Your brass earrings are crafted from a blend of 85% copper and 15% zinc, materials that naturally develop a patina over time. To preserve the shine:

- Gently buff with a nail buffer or fine-grain sandpaper.

- Polish with a soft cloth specifically designed for brass.

If you admire the natural aging of brass, allow the tarnish to develop for a vintage look that many find appealing.

Handle with love and store in a dry place.

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